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Background to the Uganda Sports Day UK Festival

For years, Ugandans based in the United Kingdom have not shared a platform that would unite them, reinvigorate their enthusiasm for sports or remind them of the responsibility to live a healthy life.

It must be noted that the population of Ugandans living in the United Kingdom is quite substantial.

The 2001 UK Census recorded a total of 55,213 people born in Uganda resident in the UK. The 2011 UK Census recorded 59,227 Ugandan-born residents in England. The Office for National Statistics estimates that in 2014, 51,000 people born in Uganda were resident in the UK.

A mapping exercise undertaken by the International Organization for Migration in 2006 reported that community representatives estimated that there were between 300,000 and 750,000 Ugandans in the UK, including Ugandan Asians. And a majority of these Ugandans live in and around London.

Clearly these are statistics that should not be ignored and the Uganda Sports Day UK will be the easiest platform to bring this Ugandan community together using the power of sports.


The Uganda Sports Day Festival UK will look to five objectives;

To promote a healthy lifestyle among Ugandans living/working in the United Kingdom. Celebrating the Sports Day will highlight the role that sport plays as a factor in creating healthy communities/institutions at both physical and psychological levels

To acknowledge the past and recognize current sports achievers. There are a number of Ugandan sportsmen/women, administrators who have represented this country with honor at the international level in the United Kingdom, but who have long been forgotten or should be honored for their contributions to sport. These will be honored on this day

To offer a platform that will strengthen relationships among the Ugandans living in the United Kingdom.

To educate/update the Ugandan community in the United Kingdom of the available business opportunities and potential partners in Uganda.

And finally to raise support (financial and logistical) for the unprivileged youngsters striving to build their careers through sport

Who we are


Uganda Annual Sports Day is an event designed to bring together Ugandans based in the UK and Europe under the umbrella of sport. There will be competitions for all ages in football, basketball, athletics, volleyball, board games, table tennis and netball, and so much more. The Theme:

Creating a healthy lifestyle and celebrating the power of sports!

Big Daddy International – a registered company in the United Kingdom –will organize the Uganda Sports Day UK on July 21, 2018, hosted at Newham Leisure Centre; 21 Prince Regent Lane, London, E13 8SD.