Participate in a variety of games

Participate in a variety of games

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About the disciplines

The inaugural edition of the UK Uganda Sports Day gala is supposed to make the best out of sports.

Athletics. football, netball, badminton, volley ball and basketball together with traditional games like kwepena, ekigwo and mweso will be part of the day’s menu.

According to Big Daddy International (BDI)-the organisers of the one day event, the event will also serve as an opportunity for the over 50,000 Ugandans in the UK to network.

The gala at Newham Leisure Center, is organized under the theme “Creating a healthy lifestyle and celebrating the power of sport.”

Edward Akaanga, one of the BDI directors, said the occasion will also be used to recognize outstanding Ugandan sportsmen and officials.

“It will also be a rare Ugandan networking opportunity,” explained Akaanga. Participants will be educated on available business opportunities and potential partners back home.

“And finally it is also an opportunity to support (financially and logistically) underprivileged youngsters striving to build careers in sports.”

Teams will be classified according to various locations in the UK in a 9am to 6pm program that will climax with a dinner.

Ugandan musician Eddy Kenzo will light up the day.

By James Bakama

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